that new new

the b*tch is back

Truth is I've been wanting to re-create my blog for some time now, I just never put the time into it and have fallen so uninspired these past few months. I had so many ideas that I would never go through with. I would never make the time for the these dreams or ideas. After all dreamers are the most important in this world. I sometimes dream too much that I lose track of reality and how to make these dreams achievable. Happiness is a huge part of this and although I've been pretty happy recently - (compared to some chapters of my life) I did not understand why I felt so blah. 

So welcome to the new platform

Here I hope to inspire, create and open up more. I finally feel like the creativity I have been holding inside can be released. Thank you for following me on this journey, cheers to whatever comes next in life, I promise to drink enough wine for the both of us.