This is twenty-four. 

It's Sunday, a beautiful summer day in the city. I'm surprisingly off work and loving every second of it. I'm casually sitting on my bed, listening to some cheesy Spotify playlist and drinking Rosé - but is that too obvious? I just turned twenty four and I still have no clue what I'm doing but my dreams just keep getting bigger. 

I haven't been here for a while and I'm really not sure why - I think I lost myself for a bit which is hard to admit but probably true. I'm definitely not back yet or where I want to be, and who knows how long that will take but It's okay. I think its normal not to have your shit together by 24 heck even 28. If theres anything I've learned in the last year is that everyones on a different clock, a different wave length and just because you're not at the same career level as your friend, or your not engaged or building your dream house - its okay. 

Patience is key, because the things you want in life will come. 

NYC has really changed my west coast girl heart. Don't get me wrong California will always be my number one goal but there's something about NYC that has drawn me in - deep.  After 48 hours last weekend in this sunshine city, with a walk through central park, cobble stone streets in SOHO and views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge at sunset I really think this city has my heart. 

Once a dreamer always a dreamer - this city brought so much light to my eyes. Obviously I am not packing up today to move but the excitement of moving to a new city for a year is something I can't seem to shake. 

Stay tuned for my next post  - 48 Hours in NYC