get you gold no spray tans
— Drake

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

I have been an avid self tanner for almost a year now. Ever since I went to LA and did a terrible job working on my tan, I decided to invest my time into self tanning rather than catching rays. This is the second brand of self tanner I have tried. The first was St.Tropez - which was a great self tanner for those who don't want to order online, you can pick it up at Shoppers Drugmart. 
But after following all the bloggers and youtubers, loving tan seemed to come up more often than not. I get it, I totally get it. 

Where to get it: Loving Tan Website

Cost: $46.83 CAD

Self Tanners seem intimidating but with the right product it can be a breeze. As I'm writing this with the self tanner developing on my skin, I can already notice a huge colour pay off. I went for the dark shade, (for medium - dark skin tones.) It does not look orange and dried in seconds. I applied a small pump onto my glove and using circular motions blended it into my skin. 

This is the perfect step to do when you come out of the shower, after you exfoliate and before you blow dry your hair. The process takes me about 10 minutes to do my whole body but in the winter I will admit to only doing the top half of my body if no one was going to see my legs. 

I usually self tan at night time, before I go to sleep since it takes about 6 hours to fully develop. Once I wake up, I jump in the shower and rinse off the colour guard and I'm all tanned up. Highly recommend this method since you won't get any tan transfer on your clothing. 

I am in love with the colour of this tan, I think it looks so dark and rich. It does not look orange! Trust me we do not need to relive that faze we all went through in high school when we would use tanning beds underage and lay there for 20 mins while we turns as orange as a skittle.

Tan Tip* This product does dry quickly so don't dot it around your body then blend it in or it will become patchy. I found this one is a little more streaky than St.Tropez but that could be because my glove has been through 3 different tanning products and it got kind of cakey, making it harder to blend. (gross) 

I recommend this product for my girls who want to glow all year around and do not have the time to lay out in the sun like you're on a family vacation. 

If you want to see a video on my self tanning routine please let me now! I watched a ton before I started and they really help. 


After a couple applications of this self tanner, I'm happy with the product but if you don't want to wait for it in the mail I recommend St.Tropez for a start. It works just as well and even think the tan lasts longer. Still going to finish my loving tan, but will probably repurchase St. Tropez in the dark formula to test next!