Summer is fast approaching which means, bathing suits, short-shorts, and wishing  you looked like all the fitness bloggers you see on Instagram. After hiding in layers the past few months I have been trying to get my butt back into shape. Staying motivated is probably the hardest part so I'm going to share a few of my favourite workout must haves that help me when working out. 

Body type: Not terrible, but definitely enjoys pasta
— literally me

Workout Clothing

This is probably the most basic need I have but ever since fitness wear has become so popular in every day life, there are so many ways to dress for your workout. My go-to workout wear consists of leggings, a sports bra & nikes. For tops I always throw on a fitness nike top thats light and breathable but also boring. Here are a few of my favourite workout pieces that you can incorporate outside of the gym as well. 


Lucky for me I have a gym in the condo I'm currently living in which makes life super easy, and I don't need to cash out the money for a membership I would tell myself to use but never would. At one point in my life when I did have a membership I loved going to classes. I found being in the classes really helped motivate my workout and not slack off since you're surrounded by people doing the same workout as you. So since I can't sneak my way into a body pump class, I use Aaptiv. This app is a personal trainer and playlist all in one. You choose your workout, from abs, outdoor running, yoga, marathon training, or meditation, etc. Each workout has a playlist and trainer with you every step of the way to help motivate you like you were in a gym class -game changer. Love having this app when working out in my small condo gym, or even a quick yoga session before bed in my room. It really helps you stay focused and accomplish a successful workout. You can download a free 7 day trail here.

Headphones + Playlist

This is crucial for me when working out, if I'm not using Aaptiv, I'm listening to a killer spotify playlist to help me get through the pain of the stair master. I have been using my bose earphones for years and years. For a girl who listens to music all of the time, investing in good quality headphones is essential. I love these headphones for everyday but have to admit the beats wireless headphones in rose gold have caught my eye more than once. Also not having an annoying cord in the way would be pretty dope - I would probably keep running for an extra 5 minutes with those headphones. 

Follow my  Spotify  to vibe with me

Follow my Spotify to vibe with me


Now I'm pretty basic when it comes to my workouts I usually just wake up, grab my water bottle and go. I find if I don't workout in the morning I probably won't workout that day. So right now I don't take any supplements but want to start. Truth is, I'm kind of intimidated by that whole process and I just haven't taken the time to research and find what's best for me. If you have any recommendations let me know! I think that will be the next step in my workout routine. For now, water. Stay hydrated & drink your water kids. 

Finding the time to workout is hard but make the time for yourself. I'm not a fitness queen but I always like to keep moving even If it means for only 30 minutes before work. I always feel accomplished even after only stretching. Also I'm always trying to get them booty gains, am I right ladies? 

Thanks to Aaptiv for working with me on this post!